I am a currently a PhD Candidate in the Social and Behavioural Health Sciences Division at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, and a member of Re:searching for LGBTQ Health, an interdisciplinary, Toronto-based team of LGBTQ and ally researchers who utilize community-based research approaches to explore how LGBTQ people experience health and access health services, including services that enable LGBTQ people to become parents.

My program of research focuses on the reproductive health transitions (e.g., pregnancy and postpartum adjustment) of marginalized women, including physical women with disabilities and sexual minority women.

My doctoral research explores how women with physical disabilities experience the transition to motherhood, with an emphasis on care experiences and embodiment.

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October 2016

Upcoming presentation:

(Mis)understandings of disability: The experiences of women with physical disabilities during the perinatal period. American Public Health Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting and Expo. Denver, Colorado. **Selected as one of five presentations for the Disability Section Chair’s Forum**

Now available:

Tarasoff, L.A. (2016). “Chapter 9: “We Exist”: The Health and Well-Being of Sexual Minority Women and Trans People with Disabilities.” In Eliminating Inequities for Women with Disabilities: An Agenda for Health and Wellness (179-207), edited by S.E. Miles-Cohen and C. Signore. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Flanders, C.E., Tarasoff, L.A., Legge, M.M., Robinson, M., & Gos, G. (2016). Positive Identity Experiences of Young Bisexual and Other Non-Monosexual People: A Qualitative InquiryJournal of Homosexuality.

Coming soon:

Marvel, S., Tarasoff, L.A., Epstein, R., green, d., Steele, L.S., & Ross, L.E. (In press). “Listening to LGBTQ People on Assisted Human Reproduction: Access to Reproductive Material, Services, and Facilities.” In Regulating Creation: The Law, Ethics, and Policy of Assisted Human Reproduction, edited by T. Lemmens, A.F. Martin, C. Milne, and I.B. Lee. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.