Sexual Health, Stigma, and Mental Health among Young Sexual Minority Women

Summer 2018: This spring and summer we’ve re-launched our online survey and have been conducting interviews. We’re still looking for a few more participants before we close the survey – email me to get your survey link to participate!

Winter 2018: Call for participants!

SMW health 2.8 update

My colleague Corey Flanders (Mount Holyoke College) and I received funds from the American Psychological Association (Wayne F. Placek Grant) to conduct a study to better understand young sexual minority women’s experiences of sexual and mental health, including experiences of sexual violence. We are interested in learning if there are differences in the sexual and mental health of different groups of young sexual minority women – as a growing body of research has found high rates of sexual violence and poor mental health outcomes among bisexual women in particular – as well as studying how sexual and mental health experiences relate to social factors such as stigma.