Resources and news about assisted human reproduction services in Canada

October 2016: Government of Canada Press Release: Government of Canada plans to introduce regulations to support the Assisted Human Reproduction Act

Assisted-reproduction law to get rules update: Health Canada (The Globe and Mail)

The only person ever to be charged under Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act, R. Cribb & E. Jarratt (Hamilton Spectator)

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Assisted Human Reproduction, Health Canada

Assisted Human Reproduction Act (S.C. 2004, c. 2) (Canadian legislation)

Principle 2e: Persons who seek to undergo assisted reproduction procedures must not be discriminated against, including on the basis of their sexual orientation or marital status.

News and other resources:

The Demise of Assisted Human Reproduction Canada, F. Baylis (academic guest editorial)

Human reproduction agency has little to show for $30-million, G. Galloway (news article)

Assisted Human Reproduction Canada: the budget cut everyone missed, A. Kingston (news article)

Government shutters agency that oversees Canada’s fertility and assisted reproduction industry, T. Blackwell (news article)

The Devil We Know: The Implications of Bill C-38 for Assisted Human Reproduction in Canada, A. Cattapan & S.R. Cohen (commentary in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada)

Currently, Québec is the only province in Canada to fund some AHR procedures (as of 2010), though the government seems to have changed its mind about this commitment as of late. Here are a few resources and articles about the AHR situation in Quebec:

Québec Assisted Reproduction Program, Gouvernement du Québec

Quebec to pay for IVF treatment, CBC News

The First 6 Months of IVF Funding – Quebec, F. Bissonnette (Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society presentation)

Quebec in vitro fertilization program to be scaled back, CBC News

Assisted procreation in Quebec: What to expect?, M.-F. Bureau

Provincial funding of IVF should be restricted on the basis of income, V. Panitch

Should the healthcare system pay for In Vitro Fertilization treatments?, CBC News

“Baylis says the government has a long list of more important health care issues to address. She cites the fact that nearly 20 percent of Quebeckers don’t have a family physician.”

November 28, 2014:

In vitro fertilization dropped from RAMQ in new Quebec health bill, CBC News

Quebec cuts IVF coverage and threatens doctors with sanctions, G. Vendeville

November 30, 2014:

National fertility society responds to Quebec announcement regarding the end of universal funding for IVF in Quebec, a program that had garnered international praise, Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (press release)

December 5, 2014:

Quebec moves to ban IVF for women over 42, K. Grant

“The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, which represents the country’s fertility doctors, does not have an age limit in its guidelines for IVF.”

Quebec’s IVF restrictions: Economics or ethics?, M. Adshade

December 7, 2014:

Quebec Should Not Put Age Limits on In Vitro Fertilization, M. Adshade

December 9, 2014:

What problem is Quebec’s IVF bill trying to solve?, S. Carsley

December 22, 2014:

Outrage at planned changes to Quebec IVF, V. Morin (Canadian Medical Association Journal – News)

February 10, 2015:

Weak fertility laws put potential parents on shaky ground, J. Nelson (The Globe and Mail)

March 3, 2015:

Gaping holes in Canada’s reproduction law, A. Motluk (Canadian Medical Association Journal – News)

March 5, 2015:

Quebec-funded fertility treatment would get new hurdles (CBC News)

April 7, 2015:

Sperm donor shortage forces Canadians to look to U.S., T. Boyle and E. Andrew-Gee (Toronto Star)

 May 8, 2015:

Winners and losers in the 2015 Ontario budget (CTV News)

May 29, 2015:

Quebec to allow IVF for women over 42, C. Weeks (The Globe and Mail)

June 23, 2015:

They’re Here…Proposed Regulations re Reimbursing Surrogates, Egg Donors, Sperm Donors and Embryos under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, S. Cohen (Fertility Law Canada)

September 14, 2015:

As Ontario set to roll out IVF program, panel urges those older than 42, severely obese be excluded, T. Blackwell (National Post)

“The province had already stipulated, however, that the program would extend to “social infertility”: same-sex couples and other members of the LGBT community who need help having children for non-medical reasons.” 

September 30, 2015:

Ontario delay of IVF treatment plan leaves aspiring parents waiting, R. Ferguson (Toronto Star)

Ontario’s IVF funding plan needs to be inclusionary (

Ontario to announce Thursday plans for in vitro fertilization treatments, E. Church (The Globe and Mail)

October 1, 2015:

Ontario’s new IVF funding a good step for families: Editorial (Toronto Star)

Can Public Funding of IVF be Justified?, C. McLeod and A. Botterell (In Due Course)

Expanding Funding for Fertility Services (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)

Advisory Process for Infertility Services Key Recommendations Report (June 23, 2015): The information contained in this report is intended to advise the Government of Ontario on details for the proposed fertility services program. The advice focuses on clinical eligibility and the establishment of a quality framework to promote safe and high quality fertility services. My colleague Dr. Rachel Epstein was one of the members on the advisory panel and arguably our work on LGBTQ people’s experiences with AHR services in Ontario informed the recommendations in this report and ultimately Ontario’s decision to fund some AHR procedures starting December 1, 2015.

Sperm, Egg, & Embryo Donation in Canada: Legal Information, LGBTQ Parenting Network

October 19, 2015:

Lack of age limit for government-funded IVF is costly and ineffective, Quebec study says, A. Motluk (Globe and Mail)

November 2, 2015:

Should Same-Sex Couples Receive Fertility Benefits?, S. Fairyington (New York Times)

November 11, 2015:

Well, that didn’t last long… Quebec announces it will no longer fund IVF, just months after Ontario says it will: Bill 20: IVF no longer covered under medicare, private-clinic fees soon to be regulated, A. Derfel (Montreal Gazette)

December 21, 2015:

Big news in Ontario today! The government announced the terms of fertility funding: Ontario Announces 50 Clinics Offering Government-Funded Fertility Treatments

December 29, 2015:

Though the funding is not without controversy: Ontario taxpayers giving cash injection to fertility clinic that’s facing slew of lawsuits, hearings, J. Sher (National Post)

March 8, 2016:

Opinion: Let’s change laws that prevent some Canadians from becoming parents, A. Housefather (Montreal Gazette)

March 21, 2016:

Decriminalize payment of donors and surrogates, says MP, A. Motluk (CMAJ News)

May 12, 2016:

Low-cost fertility clinic in Calgary could be Canadian first, D. Nerman (CBC News)

May 20, 2016:
July 2016:
Dave Snow, Françoise Baylis & Jocelyn Downie, “Why the Government
of Canada Won’t Regulate Assisted Human Reproduction: A Modern Mystery”
(2015) 9:1 McGill JL & Health 1.

For more related research and articles, see my page on Social Egg Freezing

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