Other Research

On the drop-down menu, you will find information about other research I am engaged in beyond my PhD research, including research on LGBTQ people’s experiences with assisted human reproduction services, perinatal mental health, sexual violence, community participation among people experiencing poor mental health, and more.

A lot of the research I do beyond my PhD research is with members of the Re:searching for LGBTQ Health team.

photo2028429 (2)

Left to Right: Andre Smith, Sarah Pinder, Jenna MacKay, Lori Ross, me, Margaret Robinson, Sadie Aftab, in Winter 2014

Spring 2016

Standing, Left to Right: Claire Bodkin, Iradele Plante, me, Melissa Marie (emmy) Legge, Alia Januwalla; Kneeling: Mikey Bennington, Corey Flanders, Lori Ross, Wook Yang; In Front: Jaime Caravaca-Morera, in Spring 2016



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